About Trotta’s Hobbies

Trotta’s Hobbies is located at 323 South Main St (Route 9) Barnegat. We have a vast inventory of board games, miniature games, Magic, Pokemon, gaming supplies and more. Everyone is encouraged to come in at any time during the day, play any one of our dozens of demo games, or participate in one of our many weekly events showcasing games like Magic: the Gathering and Warhammer. We have a diverse selection of games for children, teenagers and adults alike to play and enjoy in our family friendly environment. We also have special events, larger tournaments, holiday discounts, and so much more.

Whether you’re a seasoned gaming veteran or a new player looking to find your passion, Trotta’s Hobbies is the gaming shop for you.

Weekly Events Schedule:

Monday: Modern, 5 PM
Thursday: Warhammer 40k, 5 PM
Thursday: Open Board Game Play, 6 PM
Friday: FNM Draft, 7 PM
Saturday: Commander, 4 PM
Saturday: Pokemon League, 6 PM

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Contact Us

Email: Trottashobbies@gmail.com
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